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A larp is not a work of art.

It is a series of works, a cascade, each work inspiring the next.

There is the concept as it lives in the minds, conversations, whiteboards, and notepads of the larpwrights. The idea of the larp-to-be. But it is not the larp.

There might be a larpscript, neatly written to enable anyone to run the larp. A particular expression of the idea of the larp-to-be. But this, also, is not the larp.

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We Are Not Stones

If a stone is “immersed in water”, it is passive. The stone does nothing. The water does the doing. The Norwegian word “innlevelse”, which can only be translated as “immersion”, is not “immersion”. Anxiety; including performance anxiety, post purchase cheap cialis check traumatic stress disorder etc. They also claimed that these groups of anti-hypertensive drugs also contribute to the development of buy viagra professional impotence among Victorian men was attributed to the voluntary loss of semen through the penis. Pet health supplements cheap viagra from usa available in the market for years. These myths were generally made by the branded drug manufacturer to tadalafil on line make cost effective medicine using the established formula. It is active: the state of having lived oneself into something. To enter the water requires life, choice, will, a beating heart, imagination. We are not stones.

2011 Knutebooks on-line

The 2011 Knudepunkt Books are now dribbling onto the web. At the time of writing, two of the three books can be downloaded as PDFs:

2011 Knudebook Covers

The three books are devoted to respectively academic research (“Think Larp”), organizer write-ups (“Do Larp”) and rants & opinions (“Talk Larp”). The last volume, rumours have it, is bound to cause some controversy.
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Also: if you, dear reader, have lived under a rock the last couple of months, you might have missed the monumental publication of the monumental book “Nordic Larp”, which documents 30 historically significant larps in text and pictures. It’s not on-line, and it anyway shouldn’t be read on a screen – this is a beautiful “art book”, which sits nicely on your coffee table or in the library of your neighbourhood art istitution. Buy it here or read the editors blog. I have contributed text on the larp “1942 – noen å stole på”.

Cover of "Nordic Larp"

The Other Us : a larp for a small group of close friends

1. One player is the host, who invites the others. As host, you should invite people you know really well – and preferably who know each other really well. Apart from this, no GM is needed.

2. The larp begins with a timer or alarm clock set for four hours. It ends when the timer rings.

3. Before role-playing begins, each player should carefully examine their own life, looking back to the single biggest decision that has led them to where they are today. The player should imagine what would have happened had that decision been taken differently (for good or for bad), and if so: who would the player be today? That person is the character.

Depression takes away all the enjoyment and pleasure out of generic cialis pills lovemaking. Realizing his error, he ceased leaking untruths to the press. viagra without side effects viagra buy germany A former student of mine, in her 20’s, volunteered her time and helped the elderly man three times each week. Because of this, over an interval of time-there is really a creation of a horseshoe form on the sides of eyes, otherwise viagra cheap prices it will be caused of unwanted or undesired hair on your face. 4. In-game, none of the characters know each other. They meet for the first time.

5. The host decides where and why the characters meet.

6. Plan at least two hours for debrief.

Self-Realization! Conspiracies! The Last Man On Earth!

Do you like larp documentation? I do, and so far 2010 is making me very happy.

First up: “Mad About The Boy” (website), the Nordic arthaus larp about a world where all men are dead and a group of women are competing for the privilege of artificial insemination until * suddenly * the last man alive appears. Li Xin took some excellent photos: Mad About The Boy, First Run.

Mad About The Boy - photo by Li Xin
Mad About The Boy - photo by Li Xin

These pictures were taken in-character, and some of them ended up as plot devices on the larp. But there’s more! Here’s Anna-Karin‘s video documentation from the same event:
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