The Other Us : a larp for a small group of close friends

1. One player is the host, who invites the others. As host, you should invite people you know really well – and preferably who know each other really well. Apart from this, no GM is needed.

2. The larp begins with a timer or alarm clock set for four hours. It ends when the timer rings.

3. Before role-playing begins, each player should carefully examine their own life, looking back to the single biggest decision that has led them to where they are today. The player should imagine what would have happened had that decision been taken differently (for good or for bad), and if so: who would the player be today? That person is the character.

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5. The host decides where and why the characters meet.

6. Plan at least two hours for debrief.

6 thoughts on “The Other Us : a larp for a small group of close friends

  1. @Matthijs: This was inspired by the role-playing poems, though I wasn’t familiar with “snow”. Now that I’ve read it I think I want to play it. Even more scary than “The Other Us”, I think. Something about the other player having the power to confront you with an immense loss, and his/her view of what constitutes a “gift” in your life.

    @Erlend: Thanks! I guess figuring out who you want to play it with is an important part of the game.

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