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[book review] Pervasive Games – theory and design

(this is the English text of a review published in Finnish translation in issue #23 of Roolipelaaja magazine) Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros, Annika Waern: Pervasive Games – Theory and Design This book is important. For years, people have been playing different kinds of games that occur in public spaces, that mix play with reality and […]

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Understanding live role-playing / theory 101

To bind a demon, you must know its name. How are we to design larps, to teach and talk about larp design, if we are unable to talk about how larp works, what goes on when people role-play? A lot of larps are designed and played almost unconsciously. Yes, we know how to play, we […]

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Designing universes versus designing play

“Good idea – great universe!” This is one of the most common responses I get when pitching Marcello’s Kjeller, the larp I’m currently working on together with Anders Ohlson, Arvid Falch and the Larp Factory. The larp has been announced as inspired by the music of Kaizers Orchestra – a Norwegian band with a vaguely […]

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