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Landing after an intense larp

So you’ve had an intense larp experience, you’re feeling a bundle of emotion (positive, negative or both). What do you do to land? I asked this question on facebook, and received some 40 brilliant, and diverse, responses. Here they are:

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Dealing with the Aristotelian Curse

Or: why can it be so difficult to achieve a satisfying conclusion to a larp, and what can we do to change that? Aristotle (Greek philosopher) was the first to describe the structure underlying most dramatic storytelling. It goes like this:

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Compound and holistic

At this years larpwriter summer school, I had the chance to playtest an insanely cool larp with the working title The Bank Robbery. As a preparation for the larp, players stand around a table, using a schematic – the floorplan of a bank – to plan the great heist our characters will attempt. The actual […]

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