Self-Realization! Conspiracies! The Last Man On Earth!

Do you like larp documentation? I do, and so far 2010 is making me very happy.

First up: “Mad About The Boy” (website), the Nordic arthaus larp about a world where all men are dead and a group of women are competing for the privilege of artificial insemination until * suddenly * the last man alive appears. Li Xin took some excellent photos: Mad About The Boy, First Run.

Mad About The Boy - photo by Li Xin
Mad About The Boy - photo by Li Xin

These pictures were taken in-character, and some of them ended up as plot devices on the larp. But there’s more! Here’s Anna-Karin‘s video documentation from the same event:

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And last but freshest, Brody Condon (previously mentioned in connection to SonsbeekLive), is at it again, this time with an art-context-larp about self-actualization courses:

Level 5 Documentation from Brody Condon on Vimeo.

Tobias Wrigstad shares his impressions of the first run on his blog: Level Five. Also of note: BongBoings writeup, scroll down for the bonus hilarity of the comments.

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  1. thanks much for putting the amazing LevelFive report by Tobias on the site! again: wish I were there…

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