The shape of things to come

Elves! Orcs!  Digeses! Ninjas! As mentioned, I drafted a  bunch of blog-posts before opening this blog. So when I’m promising at least two new posts per week for the next few weeks, it’s a promise I actually have a good chance of keeping. Here’s a sneak peak on what we’ll be covering:

First out will be a couple more posts laying down he ground working – basically: what is dramaturgy, and why you should care – followed by a series of blog posts called “Understanding larp”, or “larp theory 101”, which rehashes some old ideas and introduces some new ones. If you trust me (which you shouldn’t), this will save you the trouble of reading all 8 knutepunkt books. At least, it should make them more accessible.

Following that, a second series of posts is drafted on “Player-centred-design”, which is a lot about method, i.e. how to work when designing larps, and on how to achieve a balance between larpwright control and player freedom. It’s based on a lecture I held at last Knutepunkt, including the parts that got left out due to time shortage.

In between, I’ll probably digress into discussions of particular issues with larps I’m working on or consulting on. As one of the activists behind laivfabrikken (the larp factory), a project to hold at least one high-quality low-threshold larp in Oslo each month, I’m exposed to a whole lot of interesting dramaturgy problems, both as larpwright and consultant.

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What more? Right. Ninjas. I promised ninjas. Here they are:

Scary Ninjas
Scary Ninjas

Photo by estherase. (CC) at-nc-sa.

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