Who’s this “Eirik” guy, and why is he writing this blog?

In “The Prince”, Machiavelli insisted that to govern well, the prince had to be a sneaky and manipulative bastard. While I might disagree with his politics, he certainly had a point when it came to larp.

Niccolo Machiavelli : Author of "The Prince", an early treatise on larp design
Niccolo Machiavelli : Author of "The Prince", an early treatise on larp design

There’s a certain sneakiness required to do larp design well – even if you design with open cards, your players will thank you when the way that things fit together unveils something wholly unexpected. If they think that it was entirely their own doing – that is: if the players were manipulated – they will be even more grateful. Hence, the title of this blog.

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For years I’ve been writing “articles” and “papers” about larp. A good article is hard to write, and mine tend to grow as I write them (I’m generally not very good at brevity (since I tend to get caught up in digressions (and digressions (but it’s all connected, see?) of digressions))). Since larp theory is strictly a hobby, that means my hard disk is littered with unfinished “articles” and “papers” that will never be read by anybody, but that were based on an initial Good Idea. Could there be a more effective way of bringing an idea to a reader without having to compose a whole article, or even book, around it? Turns out there is. It’s called a “blog”.

I’ve kept a blog or two before. The tricky part isn’t to start them, but to keep them alive. Which is why I’m trying a different strategy this time. Before I even got wordpress up and running, I’ve written the next ten blog-posts. Now, all that remains, is to click “publish”. And say: welcome!

2 thoughts on “Who’s this “Eirik” guy, and why is he writing this blog?

  1. Hi!
    I run a website in Poland about LARP-theory and with ready-to-go LARPs for free. It’s quite young (just a month old), but steadily growing.

    And here comes my question- am I allowed to translate and use some of your artictles on my website? Of course your web adress and name would be written of each of it.

    Thank you for your answer.

    dracan [at] onet [dot] eu

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