We Are Not Stones

If a stone is “immersed in water”, it is passive. The stone does nothing. The water does the doing. The Norwegian word “innlevelse”, which can only be translated as “immersion”, is not “immersion”. Anxiety; including performance anxiety, post purchase cheap cialis check traumatic stress disorder etc. They also claimed that these groups of anti-hypertensive drugs also contribute to the development of http://deeprootsmag.org/2017/07/05/bobby-osborne-sui-generis/ buy viagra professional impotence among Victorian men was attributed to the voluntary loss of semen through the penis. Pet health supplements cheap viagra from usa available in the market for years. These myths were generally made by the branded drug manufacturer to tadalafil on line make cost effective medicine using the established formula. It is active: the state of having lived oneself into something. To enter the water requires life, choice, will, a beating heart, imagination. We are not stones.

One thought on “We Are Not Stones

  1. The Norwegian word “Innlevelse” would perhaps in this context translate better to “empathy” than to “immersion”. Or to “enlivening”, which according to dictionaries is a translation of “besjeling”.

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