A larp is not a work of art.

It is a series of works, a cascade, each work inspiring the next.

There is the concept as it lives in the minds, conversations, whiteboards, and notepads of the larpwrights. The idea of the larp-to-be. But it is not the larp.

There might be a larpscript, neatly written to enable anyone to run the larp. A particular expression of the idea of the larp-to-be. But this, also, is not the larp.

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We Are Not Stones

If a stone is “immersed in water”, it is passive. The stone does nothing. The water does the doing. The Norwegian word “innlevelse”, which can only be translated as “immersion”, is not “immersion”. Anxiety; including performance anxiety, post purchase cheap cialis check traumatic stress disorder etc. They also claimed that these groups of anti-hypertensive drugs also contribute to the development of http://deeprootsmag.org/2017/07/05/bobby-osborne-sui-generis/ buy viagra professional impotence among Victorian men was attributed to the voluntary loss of semen through the penis. Pet health supplements cheap viagra from usa available in the market for years. These myths were generally made by the branded drug manufacturer to tadalafil on line make cost effective medicine using the established formula. It is active: the state of having lived oneself into something. To enter the water requires life, choice, will, a beating heart, imagination. We are not stones.

Let’s make mistakes together (a pre-larp pep talk)

This is larp. It’s improvised. I’ll make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll forget parts of the back story. You’ll speak in a voice that’s not appropriate for your character. You’ll mispronounce words that your character knows perfectly. You’ll break a cultural taboo inadvertently. You’ll forget the name of your childhood friend.

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Compound and holistic

At this years larpwriter summer school, I had the chance to playtest an insanely cool larp with the working title The Bank Robbery. As a preparation for the larp, players stand around a table, using a schematic – the floorplan of a bank – to plan the great heist our characters will attempt.

The actual roleplaying begins with characters returning to their hideout after the heist has failed. The schematic is still there, on the table, helping us to remember the back story, and improvise coherently. But now it is also scenography : turning whatever room we are in into the secret meeting-place of gangsters.


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