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video documentation


"Shadowplay" was an interactive installation projecting a virtual shadow on the floor, glued to the visitors feet. While initially appearing to imitate the visitor's behaviour (as a good shadow should), our shadow would increasingly take on a life of it's own, reacting to and interacting with the visitor.


The project was developed as part of a 4-week class in animation at Designskolen Kolding in 2002, by a team of four: Julie Bagger, Ida Blekeli, Tore Alexandersen and myself. I was responsible for initially organizing the group, concept development, programming and technology, and was also one of two editors of the video documentation.


We conducted an initial study by photographing shadows cast by actors. These "photo sketches" formed the basis of the hand-drawn animation. A number of shorter and longer clips were produced, in attempted anticipation of the user's movements and behaviour. The animation clips were digitized, and incorporated into the Shadowplay software (made with MAX/MSP and Macromedia Director), which used a mix of motion tracking, automated animation and operator-controlled animation to run the installation.


The installation was demo'ed for a large audience at Designskolen Kolding. Despite technological limitations (resulting in a low framerate), it succeeded in its primary goal: to entertain and provoke.